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We are in the business of listing, marketing and Selling quality Kentucky horse farms, Residential, Commercial and quality Kentucky agricultural farm properties. Just a little history from me, my family owned and I was raised on a great horse farm property in Springfield Kentucky. We raised high quality American Saddlebreds, Hereford cattle, hogs, sheep, tobacco, lots of hay, corn, soybeans and just about anything else that made money. I learned that that only way to do it right and to make money in order to survive, was to have the highest quality possible that meant everything from the soil on the farm to the equipment and most importantly the folks that worked and lived on the farm with us. So in essence, I was raised to appreciate quality and especially quality real estate, that’s what lead me to become a Kentucky Farm Real Estate Broker, I thoroughly enjoy helping our clients Buy and Sell quality Real Estate, and it’s what makes me tick. I hope that when you or someone you know wishes to buy or sell property in Kentucky, you will think of a person who loves his job. Call us any time, we appreciate your support! Tom Biederman


We know the central Kentucky area inside and out. We will help you find your dream real estate!


Over 21 years of working with the best clients.


Simply put, you can trust us. We strive to put ourselves in our customers shoes in order to fully understand their needs and address them in a positive, productive way.


The motto at Biederman Real Estate has been “We Get It Done” that means Tom will do whatever it takes to create smooth, successful transactions.


Still the best place in the world to raise a horse

The water that passes through the massive limestone shelf that lies beneath our nourishing bluegrass pastures feeds the soil and grasses that grow strong horses unlike anywhere else in the world.

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